What happened to Rock Heals?

7 Jun

Well, we haven’t been publishing Rock Heals for a few years now — despite a couple attempts to restart it. And maybe it’ll come back some day…

But in the meantime, our previous software install was full of security holes (see “not doing anything with the site for a few years”) and our host told us we better ship up our shape because we were becoming a security risk for their servers (and therefore all their customers). Whoops!

So a little birdy helped us with a quick-and-dirty transition to a standard WordPress platform that’ll keep the content available for those who know and love it.



And thanks, birdy.

Week 134 Came To Party

7 Mar

Rock Heals Week 134 Came To Party, photo by Gina Myers
beer, money, crotch… that about sums us up
photo from Gina Myers (of wick awesome Lame House Press), lover of beer, money and presumably crotch — though not that one specifically

Wheeze gotz poetry from Michael Haeflinger (from Ohio but in Berlin and writing wherever he is day to day); musicz from Spoon and BBC Radio 1; and event-announcin’ from Atomic Pop and there DIY Vinyl Toy Show. Who’ze hiding the mambo sauce?
And that picture? That’s what happens when Justin Sirois‘ new book comes out. The one that we talked about last week. The one available at motherfuckin’ Target, yo. Don’t sleep on it. And if you are in NYC get yer bottom to the Zinc Bar this Sunday (March 9) when the Secondary Sound Book Tour Juggernaut comes to your town.
Dollar dollar bills, y’all. (No really, look, they are singles… that’s how we roll in the high stakes poetry world)

DIY Vinyl Toys Show at Atomic Pop in Baltimore

7 Mar

We have been caught up in the sweep of graffiti-kid vinyls for quite a bit now… and then Atomic Pop came along and made buying them a local community service and so our addiction bloomed.

Go check out their show of Baltimore Artists vs. the various do-it-yourself blank forms that have been coming out for the past year or so.

I know I’m looking forward to Brian Ralph, Nolan Strals, and Ben Claassen III — not to mention barako’munny from Kevin Sherry (right, photo by Rachel Whang) and tons more.

barako'munny by Kevin Sherry, photo by Rachel Whang

Atomic Pop Vinylmore flyer   

Friday, March 7, 8pm
(show runs through March 31)
@ Atomic Pop
1234 Falls Rd, B’more

Here’s a CityPaper story about the show. And click the poster for a bigger view where you can actually read all the designers’ names.

Oh, Haven’t You Heard?

7 Mar

Michael Haeflinger
I’ve done cartwheels over subway cars,
spotted rashes on pocketed handkerchiefs,
tanned the daylight, ground
the sky into manure / I’ve
lit the match on the wood end,
forced it through the bottom
of the candle, pedaled
with my hands, steered with my nose
and fell over, once into a streetsign,
once, a guitar broke
my fall / I’ve coasted the Brown Line
hanging on a lawn chair, ate
at a dinner table on the S42,
brought a van load from Cincy
to D-Town to Illinoise to Leipzig
to Berlin and I could unload six more /
I’ve put more quarters in jukeboxes
than Fountain Square, burned
twenty-four hours with the blink
of somebody else’s eye,
ridden a horse backwards
into town, gave up on mountains
but reconsidered ocean,
chopsticked public parks, pierced
hundreds of unpopable eggs, dirt
sledded over calendar pages, broke
bones to pass time, I’ve crept across
traffic faster than others walked /
stopped myself with calves,
went over the bar at people
walking by, counted all
the ankles in the world, twice,
spanked the lunch
out of a dog, pushed a cat
around while sleeping,
played the same song twice,
used lots of names in vain /
I’ve made omelets of couch
cushions and mints / I’ve unscrewed
the light bulbs in the sun
and shook them for signs of life /
I’ve cleaned my fingernails
with ink, black
and blue / let it be heard /
let it be heard, o! /
let it be heard

Song of the Week is More than Just “I Summon You”

7 Mar

Whilst tracking down our intended song of the week, we came across these amazing videos from BBC Radio 1 called the “Black Cab Sessions.” Here’s our fave, the guy from Spoon playing, “I Summon You.” I wish he was playing “Jonathan Fisk” but since I beg I shall not choose.

Check out more Black Cab Sessions at the site www.blackcabsessions.com including that Okkervil River guy we love playing a Big Star cover.
Oh intended song of the week, you must wait seven more days!