Rock relaxingHi, I’m Dave and I wanted to make this blog since Rock is the best dog in the world. It’s called Rock Heals since Rock also rescued me when I got him on that faithful day. Rock is easily the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s my first Pit Bull ever and wow, I didn’t realize how many misconceptions there are about Bullies. It really has opened my eyes I never really knew about the tons of misconceptions about Pit Bulls before rescuing one.

Our mission is to help get rid of the common myths of Pit Bulls and to give you great information that you can find helpful for your Pit Bull.  Yes, we love Pit Bulls and focus on them.  Do you have a different dog breed?  Then you probably won’t find this website very helpful to you.

Here’s a list of what we currently cover on this website:

Pitbull taking a walk

Tips to Feed Your Pit Bull a Proper Diet

dog in sunset

Myths and Legends About Pit Bulls

curious Pitbull puppy

The Facts About Pit Bull Stereotypes

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Is a Pit Bull the Right Dog for Me?

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Exploding the Myth about Pit Bull Adoption

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Electronic Dog Collars: A Good Idea or Barking Mad?