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Myths and Legends About Pit Bulls

There are almost as many myths and legends about Pit Bulls as there are surrounding Dracula and Frankenstein. As is the case with the two legendary anti-heroes of film and folklore, the myths about Pit Bulls are often far from the truth but with some grounding in ancient history. Pit […]

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The Facts About Pit Bull Stereotypes

Many people shudder when Pit Bulls are mentioned. This is because most will have heard all the myths concerning this much-maligned breed of dog but few will have checked the facts, and accept the stereotypical image of a rabid, wild beast with powerful death-dealing jaws, a fearsome temperament and a […]

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Is a Pit Bull the Right Dog for Me?

As in most things in life, there are no guarantees. Bringing a four-legged animal into the family environment comes with benefits, responsibilities and potential dangers attached. This is equally true whether you adopt or introduce a hamster or a lion to your household. I repeat: There are no guarantees! Okay, […]

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Exploding the Myth about Pit Bull Adoption

Probably the most maligned breed of dog, alongside the Doberman, Pit Bulls have received bad press since time immemorial. While there are people who love Pit Bulls and claim they are the most wonderful and loving dogs an owner could wish for, there are many for whom even the name […]