As in most things in life, there are no guarantees. Bringing a four-legged animal into the family environment comes with benefits, responsibilities and potential dangers attached. This is equally true whether you adopt or introduce a hamster or a lion to your household. I repeat: There are no guarantees!

Okay, so Pit Bulls are not exactly sabre-toothed tigers but having a dog, any dog, is a two-way street. It is not just a question of whether the dog is right for you but also, and maybe more importantly, are you the right owner for the dog? Despite their ill-deserved reputation as mindless, vicious brutes, Pit Bulls are extremely intelligent, sensitive and caring animals.


Regardless of whatever breed of dog you have, you are responsible for the animal’s training, welfare and happiness. No matter how smart or safe a dog is regarded to be, everything depends on how good an owner or handler is and how well the dog has been trained and looked after. Pit Bulls, being an active and lively breed, need exercise and attention more than more sedentary breeds so, if you are not an active person, a Pit Bull is probably not a good fit for you.

Pit Bulls are lively animals and, although they can sleep with the best of them, are inquisitive and always looking for something to do. Leaving a Pit Bull to sleep for hours on the living-room floor may work some of the time but don’t be surprised to find furniture and rugs chewed up when you come home. Pit Bulls simply love to chew and it is almost second nature to nibble on something when bored.

Pit Bulls are not like a Chihuahua or cat that can happily sleep the day away. Inquisitive, active and lively, Pit Bulls quickly become bored and need some form of activity to keep them engaged. A Pit Bull that doesn’t receive enough exercise or is bored will find ways to expend its unused energy which can lead to damaged furniture or gardens.  This is also why training your Pit Bull properly is pretty important as well.  It’s important for all dogs, but even more so for larger breeds of dogs.

At the risk of repeating, EXERCISE is key to having a happy Pit Bull. Training is important, and applies to pups as well as older animals, as a Pit Bull can become territorial and overly aggressive unless taught how to behave. Bad behavior is best stopped before it becomes second nature so it is important the dog knows its place and limitations on behavior before it becomes ingrained. If necessary, the services of a professionally trained dog trainer may be required but that is, in most cases, unnecessary if the dog has been trained properly and treated well.

Puppy Love

As you will have gathered, a Pit Bull needs exercise and activity as part of a daily routine. However, all the exercise and training in the world will not replace the feeling of well-being and happiness that any animal will feel by being loved and wanted by its owner. Exercise and training are important without question but loving your Pit Bull (or any breed of dog) is of the utmost importance.